Which scraper is best for me?

As you are aware, our scrapers come in a range of sizes and ways to fit them to your tractor. The scraper you select will depend on the scale of earthmoving you tend to do and the power output of your tractor. If you often do large earthmoving jobs it is recommended that you select a scraper with a larger capacity. For more information on the minimum amount of power output required to operate each scraper safely please visit our scrapers page by clicking here.

How do I go about contacting HW Industries ?

To contact us at HW Industries phone 0800 72 66 77 (NZ) & 01800 68 34 30 (AUS)

Email us at sales@hwmaxi.com or simply drop into our workshop at 84 Hautapu Road, Cambridge.

Can HW Scrapers handle difficult terrain?

HW Scrapers come equipped with wide, 16 ply ribbed tyres and have a low centre of gravity. This means that you can effectively take your scraper anywhere your tractor will go whether it’s on soggy, swampy land or peat soil or on steep hillsides. The wide tyres also prevent your scraper from digging in and damaging your grass due to their width and the special tread.

Do you do custom fabrication jobs?

We can complete almost any custom job you require. Our experienced and skilled team take great care and interest in creating special fabrication works. To find out if we can help you with your project contact us by phoning 0800 72 66 77, email us at sales@hwmaxi.com or simply drop into our workshop at 84 Hautapu Road, Cambridge.

What after sales service will I receive?

Many of our customers record their details on our hire list and if someone in your area wishes to hire a scraper they can get it through you! When being hired out your scraper can earn you up to $400 a day – that’s $2,000 + GST a week! We’re so confident in our scrapers and their assembly that they all come with a 12 month guarantee on all working parts. If anything goes wrong, simply give us a call on 0800 72 66 77.

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