NZ’s Sandblasting Specialists


As the sandblasting specialists serving all over NZ, we take pride in delivering top-tier residential, commercial, and industrial sandblasting services for projects of any size. Count on our skilled team to execute your project with safety, cleanliness, and your financial considerations at the forefront.

Whether it’s refurbishing heavy machinery or prepping metal surfaces for recoating, we’re here to support you every step of the way. Contact us today, and we’ll evaluate your requirements and provide a free quote.

What we do?

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Surface Preparation

We use sandblasting techniques to clean and prepare surfaces for painting, coating, or other treatments. It’s an essential step in ensuring a smooth and durable finish for various materials such as metal and steel.


Restoration involves using sandblasting to carefully remove layers of old paint, rust, corrosion, or other contaminants from surfaces, bringing them back to their original condition or preparing them for refurbishment. This can be applied to anything from crane cabs to steel staircases, revitalizing them while preserving their integrity.

Paint Durability

Sandblasting can significantly improve the longevity and adhesion of paint on various surfaces. By roughening the surface and creating a profile, sandblasting helps paint adhere more securely, reducing the risk of peeling, chipping, or flaking over time, which can save time and money on maintenance and repainting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do HWMaxi Drainage Bins hold?

The HWMaxi Drainage Bins have a capacity of 10m³. However this can be customized depending on the size required.

What plate thickness do we make our drainage bins out of?

Constructed with 6mm plate steel and a robust 6mm heavy RHS box steel frame, featuring 8mm thick strengthening ribs on the base.

Can you make the drainage bins different sizes?

Yes! We’re able to customise your drainage bin to suit your needs. Contact our team to discuss further, contact us.

Can you add pipe flanges on the drainage bins for pumping water?

Yes, we’re able to customise your drainage bins to suit your needs such as adding pipe flunges to pump water. Get in touch with our team to discuss further, contact us.

Do you hire drainage bins out?

Yes, we have hire options available. Contact us to find out more.