Our Drawbar Range


Starting off the Drawbar scraper range is the D3000 – designed for the operator who has a tractor of 80hp or more.

The D3000 has outstanding manoeuvrability and a generous load capacity of 3m3, while being fully hydraulic enabling a wide variety of tasks to be tackled with ease. The D3000 fills up in less than 20 seconds over 15 metres!

The good ‘all rounder’ , the D4000 teams up well with a 100hp tractor.

Operation is so simple, it is mastered in minutes. The double acting hydraulic rams on both the apron and tailgate enables accurate control of cut, load, cart, dump and spread. A D4000 with a wide 2m cut fills up in less than 20 seconds!

Recently developed, the D5000 works well behind 130hp upwards.

It operates the same as the D4000 but has the advantage of a 2.4m wide cut, giving you bigger capacity of 5m3 and a faster job. When transporting loads, the D5000 is proven to be faster than other implements.
Maxi D6000 Scraper Drawbar in action on the field

The D6000 is designed for the operator who has a tractor of 160hp or more.

It is a versatile, efficient and high speed earthmover with a full width cutting blade and a big capacity bowl.

The tried and proven D8000 requires at least 220hp to operate and can be filled up to 8m3.

With a wide 2.7m cut and tyres to suit any conditions, this is the ultimate choice for the large-scale farmer or contractor.
Grassland Biome

The Maxi D10000 requires at least 300hp to operate and can be filled up to 10m3

With a wide 3m cutting blade and wide flotation tyres it’s ideal for farmers or contractor who have big machinery.

Drawbar Models Specifications

ModelCapacityRecommended HorsepowerCutting Width

The Most Versatile and Durable Drawbar Scrapers in New Zealand

HW Industries, based in New Zealand, is a leading drawbar trailer manufacturer. Our commitment to producing scraper machines that are built with quality New Zealand materials contributes to making our products so durable and reliable. If you’re looking for drawbar scrapers for sale, HW Industries is your go-to manufacturers in New Zealand.

Key Features

There’s a number of key features of that sets our drawbar trailer range apart from our competition, including:

  • Robust construction and heavy-duty components
  • Easy-to-use hydraulic operation
  • Various customization options to suit specific needs
  • Proven performance and reliability
  • Excellent manoeuvrability and efficiency

Contact us or read testimonials from our customers to learn what makes our drawbar scrapers and other equipment the most reliable and durable on the market.

Scraper Machine Applications:

Our scraper machine range is versatile and suited to a range of different industries. They can be used in a number of applications, including:

  • Land levelling and grading
  • Site preparation and excavation
  • Road construction and maintenance
  • Material transportation and handling
  • Agricultural and landscaping projects

Our Drawbar Trailer Range

We have a comprehensive range of scrapers for sale in New Zealand, suitable for different uses across mining, agriculture and farming.

  • The D3000: The D3000 boasts a generous load capacity of 3m3 and offers fantastic manoeuvrability. With its fully hydraulic operating system, the D3000 is able to tackle a range of tasks. Designed for a tractor of 80hp or more.
  • The D4000: With double-acting hydraulic rams on both the apron and the tailgate and a 4m3 load capacity, the D4000 is extremely easy to operate. This setup also provides precision control of cut, load, cart, dump and spread. The D4000 teams up well with a 100hp tractor.
  • The D5000: The D5000 operates basically the same as the D4000, however has the advantage of a wider 2.4m cut and a larger load capacity of 5m3. The D5000 works well behind 130hp upwards.
  • The D6000: With a 6m3 load capacity, the D6000 offers efficient and high-speed earthmoving abilities. This drawbar scraper is designed for use with a tractor of 160hp or more.
  • The D8000: The D8000 boasts a wide 2.7m cut, making it extremely efficient. With a load capacity of 8m3, this model is great for large-scale farming or commercial agriculture. Requires at least 220hp to operate.
  • The Maxi D10000: With a huge 10m3 load capacity and a wide 3m cut, this scraper machine is ideal for large commercial farming or contracting work. Needs at least 300hp to operate.


Hear from some of our satisfied customers about their experience using our drawbar scraper range.

1. “I can move massive amounts of soil in very short time frames! Faster than diggers, trucks, or bulldozers. Used it for stockpiling in a sand quarry.”
Will Hjorth, Cambridge

2. “Have owned 3 maxi scrapers. I wouldn’t have bought another one if I thought it wasn’t that good!”
Tractor Drawn Earthmoving Scrapers

Learn more about scrapers for sale from HW Industries by contacting us online today. We look forward to hearing from you.