HW Maxi Draw Bar Scraper


The HW Maxi Drawbar Scraper is designed for heavy-duty earthmoving and material handling. Its robust construction, large capacity, and full-width cutting blade make it ideal for high-speed, efficient operations. Suitable for large-scale farming, commercial agriculture, and construction, it ensures excellent maneuverability and reliability.



  • High Efficiency: Designed to handle large volumes of material quickly and efficiently, reducing project time and labour costs.
  • Low Maintenance: Engineered for minimal maintenance requirements, saving time and reducing downtime.
  • Durability: Robust construction ensures long-lasting performance in tough conditions.
  • Ease of Use: User-friendly design with intuitive controls, making it easy to operate even for less experienced workers.
  • Precision: Full-width cutting blade allows for precise, efficient cuts.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various applications including large-scale farming and construction.
  • Cost-Effective: Offers excellent value by combining high performance with durability, leading to lower total cost of ownership.

Key Features

Superior Capacity and Speed

Equipped with a large load capacity and efficient fill times, the HW Maxi scrapers handle substantial volumes swiftly, enhancing productivity.

Robust Hydraulic Control

Fully hydraulic systems allow precise operation for a variety of tasks, from cutting and loading to dumping and spreading, ensuring versatility and ease of use.

Durable Construction

Built with high-quality materials, these scrapers offer exceptional durability and reliability, ideal for heavy-duty earthmoving and material handling tasks.

Watch the HW Maxi Drawbar Scraper range in action.

Drawbar Scraper Applications

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1. Land Levelling & Grading

Ideal for creating a smooth, even surface across large areas, the HW Maxi Drawbar Scrapers efficiently level and grade land. This is essential for construction sites, agricultural fields, and other applications requiring a flat base.

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2. Site Preparation & Excavation

The HW Maxi Drawbar Scrapers excel in site preparation and excavation tasks, removing topsoil and other materials to prepare the ground for building foundations and other infrastructure projects.

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3. Road Construction & Maintenance

Designed for roadwork, these scrapers efficiently spread and level materials, aiding in the construction and maintenance of roads. Their robust build ensures they can handle the demands of heavy-duty operations.

(1) MAXI D1000

5. Agricultural & Landscaping Projects

The versatility of HW Maxi Drawbar Scrapers makes them suitable for agricultural and landscaping projects, from preparing fields and gardens to managing soil and other materials, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

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4. Material Transportation & Handling

With a large capacity and efficient hydraulic systems, the HW Maxi Drawbar Scrapers are perfect for transporting and handling various materials. They ensure quick loading and unloading, optimizing workflow on any project.

Drawbar Scraper Model Specifications

Explore our diverse range of Drawbar Scraper models.

D12000 Drawbar scraper

The D12000 Model

The largest in our range, with a mighty 12m³ load capacity and a wide 4m cut, the D12000 Scraper is perfect for extensive commercial farming and contracting tasks, requiring at least 350hp to operate efficiently.

Model: D12000

Capacity: 12m³

Recommended Horsepower: 350+hp

Overall Width: 3600mm

Overall Height: 1900mm

Overall Length: 7500mm

Standard Cutting Width: 3300mm (10.8ft)

Machine Weight: 6500kg

Tyres: 750/50-26.5

Hydro Banks Required: 3-4 sets

Rams: 6

Hitch Style: Fixed Drawbar

Drawbar scraper nz

The D10000 Model

With a huge 10m3 load capacity and a wide 3m cut, this scraper machine is ideal for large commercial farming or contracting work. Needs at least 300hp to operate.

Model: D10000

Capacity: 10m³

Recommended Horsepower: 300+hp

Overall Width: 3100mm

Overall Height: 1800mm

Overall Length: 7000mm

Standard Cutting Width: 2750mm (9ft)

Machine Weight: 5000kg

Tyres: 700/50-26.5

Hydro Banks Required: 3-4 sets

Rams: 6

Hitch Style: Fixed Drawbar

D8000 Drawbar scraper nz

The D8000 Model

The D8000 boasts a wide 2.7m cut, making it extremely efficient. With a load capacity of 8m3, this model is great for large-scale farming or commercial agriculture. Requires at least 220hp to operate.

Model: D8000

Capacity: 8m³

Recommended Horsepower: 200+hp

Overall Width: 2700mm

Overall Height: 1800mm

Overall Length: 6300mm

Standard Cutting Width: 2400mm (7.8ft)

Machine Weight: 4000kg

Tyres: 550/60-22.5

Hydro Banks Required: 3-4 sets

Rams: 6

Hitch Style: Fixed Drawbar

D6000 Drawbar Scraper

The D6000 Model

With a 6m3 load capacity, the D6000 offers efficient and high-speed earthmoving abilities. This drawbar scraper is designed for use with a tractor of 160hp or more.

Model: D6000

Capacity: 6m³

Recommended Horsepower: 150+hp

Overall Width: 2700mm

Overall Height: 1700mm

Overall Length: 6300mm

Standard Cutting Width: 2400mm (7.8ft)

Machine Weight: 3500kg

Tyres: 550/60-22.5

Hydro Banks Required: 3-4 sets

Rams: 6

Hitch Style: Fixed Drawbar


The D5000 Model

The D5000 operates basically the same as the D4000, however has the advantage of a wider 2.4m cut and a larger load capacity of 5m3. The D5000 works well behind 130hp upwards.

Model: D5000

Capacity: 5m³

Recommended Horsepower: 125+hp

Overall Width: 2400mm

Overall Height: 1700mm

Overall Length: 5700mm

Standard Cutting Width: 2250mm (7.3ft)

Machine Weight: 2900kg

Tyres: 400/60-15.3

Hydro Banks Required: 3-4 sets

Rams: 6

Hitch Style: Fixed Drawbar

D4000 Scoop (17)

The D4000 Model

With double-acting hydraulic rams on both the apron and the tailgate and a 4m3 load capacity, the D4000 is extremely easy to operate. This setup also provides precision control of cut, load, cart, dump and spread. The D4000 teams up well with a 100hp tractor.

Model: D4000

Capacity: 4m³

Recommended Horsepower: 90hp

Overall Width: 2000mm

Overall Height: 1600mm

Overall Length: 5200mm

Standard Cutting Width: 1800mm (5.9ft)

Machine Weight: 2400kg

Tyres: 11.5/80-15.3

Hydro Banks Required: 3-4 sets

Rams: 6

Hitch Style: Fixed Drawbar



Optional Extras

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can HW Maxi Scrapers handle tough terrain?

HW Scrapers come equipped with wide, 16 ply ribbed tyres and have a low centre of gravity. This means that you can effectively take your scraper anywhere your tractor will go whether it’s on soggy, swampy land or peat soil or on steep hillsides. The wide tyres also prevent your scraper from digging in and damaging your grass due to their width and the special tread.

What tractor horsepower is required to operate HW Maxi Drawbar Scrapers?

The required horsepower varies by model. For instance, the D12000 requires at least 350hp to operate efficiently. Check out the model specifications above.

What is the load capacity of HW Maxi Drawbar Scrapers?

The load capacities vary across models, with the largest, the D12000, offering a 12m³ capacity. Contact us to learn more about our load capacity, contact us.

Can HW Maxi Drawbar Scrapers be customized to meet my specific needs?

Yes, we offer full customization options for HW Maxi Drawbar Scrapers to meet your specific requirements. Contact us to find out more about how we can tailor our equipment to suit your project needs, contact us.

Are HW Maxi Drawbar Scrapers fully hydraulic?

Yes, all HW Maxi Drawbar Scrapers are fully hydraulic, allowing for precise control over various tasks like cutting, loading, dumping, and spreading.

How can I learn more or purchase an HW Maxi Box Scraper?

To learn more or discuss your specific needs, you can contact us online or call 0800 72 66 77. Our experienced team is ready to assist you with all your questions and requirements, contact us.

What types of projects are HW Maxi Drawbar Scrapers suitable for?

These scrapers are ideal for a wide range of heavy-duty tasks including land leveling, site preparation, road construction, material handling, and agricultural projects.

How quickly can HW Maxi Drawbar Scrapers fill up?

HW Maxi Drawbar Scrapers are designed for efficiency, often filling up in less than 20 seconds depending on the model and conditions.