Carrying your load has never been easier!

Over the years, HW Industries have made numerous earthmoving machines, including the MAXI range of tip trailers.

With our many design features and quality attributes, HW Industries have become the number one choice for many earthmoving/tip trailer requirements.

Key Features

Check out our range of Tip Trailers

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Maxi T1801

Everyone wants their machinery looking great, so why not choose a colour to match your tractor?

Check out some of our colours below! 

Optional Extras for your Tip Trailer

Tail LightsMake yourself visible at day or night.
Hydraulic JackYou can have a hydraulic jack fitted to your trailer, to make raising and lowering much easier.
Hydraulic tailgate door releaseFull control over when you want to release the load.
Full Operated Hydraulic tailgateFor the serious tip trailers operator who wants full control with the loaded trailer open & shut when required.
Brakesyou can manage your load when working on steeper hills or need to slow down or stop in a hurry.


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