Why Choose HW Industries.

1.   We can custom-make general engineering equipment – or specialist equipment for you from scratch.

With our expert team specializing in larger contracting to smaller farming equipment, just phone us with your request and we’ll set to work getting it done.

2.   If you have large amounts of soil to move, our midi and maxi scrapers are for you.

We eliminate the need for bulldozers, diggers and trucks – simply add our scrapers to your tractor using the plough arms and attach the hydraulic hoses and you’ve got a bulldozer, digger and truck all in one.

3.   You can save money by not employing contractors or extra staff to tend your paddocks.

When you hire a maxi or midi scraper from H.W Industries, you eliminate the need for extra employees because you can do all the cutting, contouring and spreading yourself.

Celebrating 65 years of HW Industries' business in New Zealand

4.   We do general repairs and maintenance around the home.

Another facet to our services, repairs and home maintenance that you just don’t end up getting around to can be taken care of by us!

5.   Our shop has spare parts for those odd jobs.

Need a new gate latch? Perhaps a hook for your trailer? We make or repair steel parts, from fireguards to machinery covers to latches and gates. If you need spare parts, check if we have it in our store room.

6.   We can check your equipment for signs of wear and tear before it becomes a costly issue.

Our skilled team have a range of experience to pull from, so whether your loader bucket is not functioning properly or your machinery needs adjusting or fixing, Hautapu Welders can help.

7.   You may not have to wait for us to create a part.

If we have it in store, simply purchase and walk out the door to get on with the job. If you know you need something in advance, just call us ahead and we’ll make sure we’ve got the part you need for when you come in.

8.   If you can’t find a solution to your engineering problem, you’ll probably find that we can!

Whether for your home or business, we can help with your existing machinery, creating some new machinery to do the job, or simply advising on your project.

9.   Our friendly team is just a phone call away.

As well as being friendly, they’re also knowledgeable, competent and efficient and will have your job ready in no time at all.

10.   Don’t waste time – come and speak to us TODAY for a quote on your next farm project.

We can quote, create and help you out now.