Make your earthmoving scraper even more effective by having a set of rippers fitted.


Most Durable and Reliable Soil Rippers in New Zealand

In order to make your scraper even more effective, you can install a set of  tractor rippers onto your scraper. A tractor ripper, or soil ripper, will rip up any hard, rocky or compacted ground, helping to break up the soil so that it doesn’t roll up inside the bowl, making the unloading process of your scraper more efficient and easier. At HW Industries, we manufacture and provide a range of soil ripper sets that suit all types of scrapers. We are proud to use high-quality materials that ensure your rippers will last the test of time and withstand the tough work that they will go through. If you are looking for a tractor ripper for sale in New Zealand, HW Industries is your one-stop shop.

Key Features and Benefits

Tractor rippers from HW Industries are made with high quality materials and are designed by an expert team, in order to last. Furthermore, the scraper and the rippers are designed so that when you are driving on an angle, you are still able to effectively use the rippers.

There is an extensive range of benefits of having rippers installed on your scraper. It means the soil that goes into the scraper will be broken up better, making it easier to unload. Also, it provides an easier path of soil for your scraper to shift or gather dirt. Check out a new or used tractor ripper for sale from HW Industries, and you will save yourself time, effort and money.

Specific Features

The following are some of the specific features that set Hautapu Welders rippers apart from others on the market:

  • High-strength materials for maximum durability
  • Wear-resistant shanks and points
  • Adjustable ripping depths
  • Easy-to-maintain design

6 reasons why you should choose MAXI Rippers


1. Built strong

Made with durable materials that allow you to use it on a range of different types of surfaces.

2. Front mounted

Mounted on the front in order to provide good visibility of the depth you want to operate at.

3. Save time

By installing a soil ripper on your scraper, you can save time and money by completing two jobs at the same time.

4. Prepare the ground

You can adjust the depth at which the rippers operate in order to prepare the ground in a range of different ways.

5. Removable

User-friendly removal and attachment process that is effective and efficient.

6. NZ Made

Each tractor ripper unit is made from New Zealand parts and carries a 24-month warranty.

The Best Soil Ripper in NZ

Buying a tractor ripper from HW Industries is a reliable and smart move. Our products are the best on the market, come with a long warranty, and are built to withstand the tough work that they will be put through. Feel free to reach out to our experienced team to find out more or to get a free quote.

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