Make your earthmoving scraper even more effective by having a set of rippers fitted.


This is the best combination you can have! It allows you to use two machines single-handedly saving you additional operating costs. Simply use the rippers to help your tractor rip up any hard, rocky or compacted ground with ease.

The rippers are equally effective in hard or soft ground, or straight into pasture grass. They help to break up the dirt so it doesn’t roll up inside the bowl which makes it flow out of the scraper easier when unloading.

Each ripper assembly has its own hydraulic ram to lower or raise the rippers to the desired depth. Even when the scraper is on a tilt angle the ripper bar will rip on the same angle giving you an even, level working platform.

And that’s not all it’s good for; when contouring, use the rippers to rip the surface before reinstating the topsoil. This helps it to key into the subsoil and control erosion if it rains soon after doing the job.

The pulling points on the scraper are from the strong main frame and have direct pull from the tractor. This relieves any stress going through the whole machine.

6 reasons why you should choose MAXI Rippers


1. Built strong

 Built strong to handle those difficult patches. Use on hard or wet sticky soil to help break it up, making earthmoving jobs so much easier.

2. Front mounted

Mounted on the front for good visibility of the depth you want to operate it at.

3. Save time

Save money and make jobs easier. Have one operator doing 3 or more jobs with one machine, using less horse power and saving you time.

4. Prepare the ground

You can set the rippers to the cutting blade depth if you wish to leave a smooth sealed surface behind you in case it rains soon after the job. (This helps to keep the rain from soaking in to the soil) and lets you get back into action quicker when it fines up. You could also put the ripper down deep to leave a rough surface for the topsoil to bed into when reinstated.

5. Removable

The ripper can be left on the scraper and used whenever you desire or you can remove them by pulling 3 pins that attach the unit to the scraper.

6. NZ Made

Each unit is made from parts available in NZ and carries a 24 month warranty.

For more information about our Rippers or to make an order

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