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At HW Industries, we provide a wide range of used industrial machinery and used farm machinery available for sale. When looking for used machinery NZ customers can explore our constantly changing inventory. Be sure to check back often to find the latest deals on great products available across New Zealand.


Our range of scraper machines are ideal for earth moving in construction, mining and agriculture industries. From versatile all rounders to high-speed machines, choose from a variety of cut sizes to level, load, cart, dump and spread earth with ease.

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Haul loads with ease using one of our industrial grade used trailers. Features vary depending on our current inventory, but you’ll find all the essentials you need for farming, construction and other industrial applications. This includes large trays, removable hinged sides and adjustable tow eyes.

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Looking for a construction dumper? We regularly add dumpers to our inventory which are suitable for a range of construction and other industrial work. Navigate and move heavy loads over slick, rough and tough terrains with ease.

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Redback Machinery

Redback has a stellar reputation in NZ and Australian farming industries for providing premium, high-performance products. Their vast range spans from harrows and cultivators to levellers and rollers, some of which we provide.

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Other Products

Our inventory of used machinery is also regularly updated to include other product options, including a horse manure vacuum system.

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We also update our inventory with spare parts for various used farm and industrial machinery.

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Benefits of Used Industrial and Farm Machinery

Machinery is a significant financial investment for any construction, farming or industrial operation. By purchasing used farm machinery NZ customers can dramatically reduce the initial costs required to get the tools you need. By reducing the amount you need to invest upfront, you can produce the same or similar results with used machinery at a lower cost, generating better returns.

New machinery depreciates much faster than used equipment. In fact, you can often resell used machinery for the same price you initially paid for it. Of course, this will depend on how well maintained it is. This can be beneficial if you plan on upgrading to a new machine at some point in the future. Buy used machinery now and then easily resell it once you’re ready to cover the cost of an upgrade.

HW Industries: Your Trusted Suppliers of Used Machinery

At HW Industries, we manufacture quality equipment custom designed to streamline your business operations. All our machinery is made in New Zealand with comprehensive parts back up and service. This means you can count on premium quality and long-lasting solutions, even with used machinery.

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