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At HW Industries, our horse manure vacuum is specially designed for picking up horse, alpaca and other animal waste from fields, stables and paddocks. Keeping these areas free of waste build-up is essential for controlling parasites that might affect the health of your horses.

Our horse manure vacuums are highly durable while being lightweight in design and easy to use. Built in New Zealand by our dedicated team, you can count on years of reliable performance. Whether in short or long grass, wet or dry, this piece of machinery will vacuum up waste all year round.

HW Maxi Manure Vacuum System

The HW Maxi Manure Vacuum System features a PTO driven fan blade that efficiently sucks up waste into the bin. Inside the bin is a hydraulic ram for easy unloading. This piece of machinery is commonly used as a manure vacuum on horse studs. However, it can be used for picking up other forms of waste on farms and pastures.

MakeHW Maxi
ModelVacuum Sucker
Price$30,000 + GST

Why Use a Horse Manure Vacuum?

Removing horse manure reduces parasites and improves horse health. Vets encourage horse owners to remove waste from fields and paddocks regularly to maintain a low worm count. Picking up manure often will also encourage horses to eat from the whole field rather than selectively grazing.

Equestrian centres, stud farms, ranches, riding schools, stables and zoos can all benefit from this expertly crafted piece of machinery.

Made by our trusted team in New Zealand, our horse manure vacuum makes cleaning up waste easier than ever. Save time and eliminate backbreaking labour from alternatives like shovelling waste manually into a wheelbarrow. Suck up everything from horse manure to dog waste, wood shavings, sawdust, poultry and game shed bedding, shredded paper, garden waste and general litter.

Get a Horse Manure Vacuum in New Zealand

At HW Industries, we custom make a range of machinery and equipment in New Zealand from scratch. Our expert team specialises in both small farming machinery and larger contracts.

If you’re looking for a specific or custom piece of machinery or would like more information on our manure vacuum, please contact us. Call our team on 0800 72 66 77 or get in touch online