Strongest and Most Robust Dump Trailers for Sale in New Zealand

Owning a dump trailer makes the entire process of earthmoving and land management a lot easier. It is one thing to be able to gather and move soil, but being able to relocate it is the final step in the process. HW Industries has high quality dump trailers for sale as well as offering dumper hire services. With over 60 years of experience in the industry, you can trust that our team has designed and manufactured a dump trailer range that is efficient, easy to use and made to last. We take pride in creating equipment that is made to the highest standard and we’re proud to supply New Zealand with these products.

Key Features 

Dump trailers from HW Industries boast a number of key features, including:

  • High speed radial tyres with reinforced steel side walls.
  • Hydraulic jack stand for ease of use.
  • The bowl is made of robust 6mm wear steel, with angled corners.
  • The drawbar is fully sprung and has progressive air shocks, making it suitable for heavy loads.
  • The tailgate is hydraulic and provides ample clearance.
    Tailgate trip that automatically opens the tailgate when the tailgate is lifted.
  • Two heavy-duty lift rams so you can lift and drive without damaging the tractor.
  • Heavy duty radial tuned rocker axles, offset for a smooth ride at high speed.

Our Dump Trailer Range

  1. Maxi D160 – 16 Tonne: Suitable for 140/180hp tractors and is made with full suspension drawbars, brakes on all axles and two double acting lift arms for extra stability and safety.
  2. Maxi D200 – 20 Tonne: Suitable for 180/220hp tractors. The extra size of the bowl is made possible from its conical shape and its double hinged tailgate for instant load release.
  3. Maxi D250 – 25 Tonne: For 250+hp tractors, this model is full spec and can have any options fitted. This is the ideal dump trailer for the heavy construction scene.
  4. Maxi D300 – 30 Tonne: This trailer suits tractors over 300hp and is the largest dump trailer available in our range. The 12mm wearplate floor makes it perfect for commercial and industrial use.

Utilising Dumpers in Construction Projects

There are a few different ways you can use dump trailers on construction projects:

  • Transporting aggregates and fill materials for site preparation
  • Hauling excavated soil and debris from construction sites
  • Delivering concrete and other construction materials
  • Supporting infrastructure development and road construction projects
  • Incorporate high-quality images and videos demonstrating the dumpers’ versatility and performance in real-world scenario


Advantage of Using HW Industries Dumpers

The main advantages of dumper hire from HW Industries are:

  • Unmatched payload capacity to maximise haulage efficiency
  • Robust construction for enduring performance in demanding environments
  • Innovative features for enhanced safety, manoeuvrability, and operator comfort
  • Customisable options to meet the specific needs of various construction projects

Check out our new and used dump trailers for sale or contact us online to learn more about our dumper hire services or to speak with our expert team.


Key Features

HW Industries' range of construction dumpers available in New Zealand
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