Scraper Scoops


“The whole job on the plough track was level and ready to power harrow in the quickest timeframe allowed.”

Cambridge Jockey Club

“The tilt axle makes our scoop much more versatile especially when forming or clearing watertables on roads and races. Tailgate ejection gives far greater control of fill depth than with over tipping bowl types of scoops.”


“I can move massive amounts of soil in very short time frames! Faster than diggers, trucks, or bulldozers. Used it for stockpiling in a sand quarry.”

Will Hjorth, Cambridge

“I’m very happy to be able to work under extreme conditions and very happy with the quick loading and despatching time of the scoop…it has proved to outclass all it’s competitors.”

Graham Paton

“Multipurpose machine that is very easy to use.”

Jim McDonald

“I have a Maxi 300 scoop that I used for contouring farmland. It’s easy to use, is low maintenance and a very handy piece of machinery to have around. It’s the quickest way of moving fill or dirt over any distance. It’s really robust too.”

Stuart Smith


“Shifts a lot of dirt! It paid for itself doing major repair of airstrip.”

Jim Weston

“Have owned 3 maxi scrapers. I wouldn’t have bought another one if I thought it wasn’t that good!”

Tractor Drawn Earthmoving Scrapers

“[I’ve used my scoop for] Transport and spreading topsoil on bulbfields”

Paul Wessel, Gore