Our Optional Extras Range

Make your Maxi Scraper look the part with a Tailgate extension.

The Tailgate extension allows to hold the load and stop spillage
M600 tilt new1

Get your job done faster with a Double Tilt Axle.

A Double Tilt Axle allows you to cut into the hillside from both sides of the scraper. This axle can be tilted in excess of 120mm (5° angle) to making cambered roadways, drain cleaning and bevelling into hillsides easier than ever before.
push roller

The Push Roller allows easy push loading by other machinery!

The roller gives you free movement of the machine.

The Push Bar protects the tyre from damage from any push loading machinery

Add the push bar and get double the protection.

Equip your scraper with laser or GPS to ensure you create those levels with ease.

The Scrapers can be fitted with laser at a very minimal cost.