Scoop, carry and spread your load without getting out of the tractor – here’s how!


1. Connect the scraper to the plough arms or drawbar of your tractor.

Simply connect the scraper to the plough arms of your tractor and push the hydraulic hoses in. You can change the hoses to suit the lever controls that you’re used to. Both levers can be set forward to load or vice versa.

2. Cut and scoop the dirt using your tractors control levers and move forward to pick up more dirt.

Using the plough arm control levers; cut into the dirt as you drive the tractor forward. A depth of around 75-100mm is a good enough depth to fill your scraper in under 20 seconds. You can view how full the scraper is from the cabin of your tractor. Simply close the apron and drive on to carry your load.


3. Dump or spread the load as you wish.

Carrying the load is fast. Even when carrying a full load over 2km away it’s still faster than other machinery. To dump the load, fully open the apron and use the tailgate to push the contents out. You can control the thickness of the spread by changing the height of the cutting edge.

4. Flick the switch and push the hydraulic lever and you have an instant angle cut. Double tilt axle means you can do it either way.