Why a HW Maxi Dumper?

Over the years, HW Industries have made numerous earthmoving machines. With our many design features and quality attributes, HW Industries have become the number one choice for many earthmoving/construction dumper requirements.

The features this trailer has to offer make it a robust and cost effective investment for your business operation.

With a conical body equipped with 2 dumper type cylinders for steep tipping, heavy chassis construction, the body made from wear plate, hydraulically braked on all axles, progressive sprung drawbar and lights.

These 16 to 30 ton dump trailers are built to handle the heavy construction work, with top features to benefit you!

Key Features

D160 clearcut shadow_c
Maxi D160 1
D200 Clear Cut shadow_c
Maxi D200 1
Maxi D2501
Maxi D300 (2)