Maxi T100 Equipment Including Maxi T100 10-Tonne Trailer in NZ

For the more serious farmer looking to haul more materials and products, the 10 tonne tipping trailer from HW Industries gets the job done. As suppliers of some of the best tipping trailers the NZ market has to offer, it features a steel deck plate, removable side hinges and an adjustable tow eye. Meanwhile the RTRA axles unique to the HW Industries tip trailers ensure reliable, long-lasting performance that’s hard to beat.

From construction dumpers to rippers and tip trailers, our team has extensive experience supplying the farming, construction and other industries in New Zealand with premium earthmoving equipment.

Key Features of the T100 Tip Trailer

With the T100 tipper trailers NZ businesses can transport loads easier and safely. The Radial Tuned Rocker Axle (RTRA) fitted near the back of the trailer offers stability while tipping or spreading your load. The back pivots are double plated, facilitating easier towing and steering while minimising the risk of trailer bounce and tyre damage.

The double speed side wind jack stands make loading and unloading simple. Optional extras such as hydraulic tailgate door release, tail lights, brakes and a hydraulic jack offers further control and simplifies the management of loads. This 10 tonne tipping trailer gets the job done even on rough, tough terrains and steep hills.

T100 Specifications

  • Dimensions: Deck size: 4.4m x 2.4m / Deck height: 1.1m / Steel Deck
  • Payload: 10 tonne
  • Tailgate auto trip release with spreading chains
  • 500mm high, two piece, hinged removable sides
  • Extra high tailgate pivots to empty lumpy loads easily
  • Industrial coated finish
  • 600mm high headboard
  • Swivel tow eye, height adjustable and replaceable
  • Built-in tie rails
  • RTRA tandem rocker axle with 400/60×15.5 tyres
  • Steep 55° tipping angle
  • Multi stage ram
  • Mainframe is 200x100x6 RHS

Benefits of T100 Tip Trailer

Tip trailers are a relatively simple concept that involves elevating the trailer bed at an angle, so gravity assists with unloading. Whether sliding out dirt, gravel and various other materials to rolling vehicles onto the trailer bed, this hydraulic tipping system is invaluable for efficient work. The T100 is ideal for everything from farming and construction to waste management, landscaping, mining and more.

The concept is simple, but quality matters for reliable, long-lasting performance. With a tip trailer from NZ Industries, you can count on quality builds using the best materials. We also custom-make general engineering equipment or specialist equipment. This means you can tailor your trailers to suit specific applications. For example, adding internal partitions to organise tools or adding tie down loops.

The Best Tipper Trailers NZ Customers Can Find

At HW Industries, our range of tip trailers are available in a wide range of sizes and capacities. From smaller 5 tonne trailers to 18 tonne trailers designed for large scale projects, we can get you the best tipper trailers NZ for the job at hand. Enquire about customisation and specialist fabrication. Call our team today on 0800 72 66 77 or contact us online.

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