Maxi T80 Equipment and Maxi T80 Trailer Available Across New Zealand

Transporting loads is easier than ever with a tip trailer from HW Industries. These versatile earthmoving machines enable you to carry heavy loads to and from a site. With a variety of premium design features and attributes, we provide the ultimate tipping trailer NZ businesses can rely on for high-performance, long-lasting service. If you’re in the market for a tractor tipping trailer in New Zealand, enquire with our team today.

Introducing the T80 Tractor Tipping Trailer

The T80 is a popular size among our range of trailers, perfectly suiting 80/100 HP tractors. The Radial Tuned Rocker Axle (RTRA) makes for easy towing, assists steering, reduces tyre damage and trailer bounce. Meanwhile option extras such as tail lights, brakes, hydraulic tailgate door release and a hydraulic jack adds further functionality for farming, construction and other industrial applications.

T80 Specifications

  • Dimensions: Deck size: 4m x 2.4m / Deck height: 1m
  • Steel deck
  • Payload: 8 tonne
  • Tailgate auto trip release with spreading chains
  • 400mm high, two piece, hinged removable sides
  • Extra high tailgate pivots to empty lumpy loads easily
  • Industrial coated finish
  • 500mm high headboard
  • Swivel tow eye, height adjustable and replaceable
  • Built-in tie rails
  • RTRA tandem rocker axle with 400/60×15.5 tyres
  • Steep 55° tipping angle
  • Multi stage ram
  • Mainframe is 200x100x6 RHS

Benefits of T80 Tip Trailer

Improve efficiency by streamlining any large-scale earthmoving project. Rather than multiple trips using a Ute or smaller trailer, do it all at once. The T80 is one of the ultimate construction and farm tip trailers NZ customers can find on the market. Built by our expert team in New Zealand, the T80 is also equipped to handle versatile work across various other industries including landscaping, machinery hire, waste management and more.

Farm Tip Trailers NZ Customers Can Trust

At HW Industries, we provide a range of tip trailers in a variety of sizes and capacities. From 5 tonnes to 30 tonnes, find the ideal trailer for your needs. Our team can also custom fabricate machinery and equipment to suit your specific needs.

For more information, call our team today on 0800 72 66 77 or contact us online.

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